About Us

CES Services is a Veteran-owned business since 1990. Mike Peacock fulfilled his lifelong dream of owning his own business with the creation of CES Services. With a high aptitude for electronic and mechanical repair, and love of the outdoors, Mike focused his skills and abilities on pool and spa repair.

Clear clean Pool
Leaking Seal from Pump

We Are Your Spa Repair Guy

CES Services specializes in repairing all pool & Spa Systems from plumbing to electrical. We don't just replace parts, we analyze the problem and provide the best and most economical solution. Anyone can replace parts, not everyone can look beyond the obvious.

CES Services extensively documents and photographs the pool equipment of every customer; NO other company does this. With our customer records, after the initial visit, CES Services saves you money and downtime by knowing what parts to bring if future repairs are needed thereby saving you money and time. No more coming to see what equipment you have, ordering the part then returning next week to install it.


Founder | Master Technician

After completing a 4 year tour in the U.S. Air Force as an aircraft technician, Mike founded CES Services in 1990. In 2006 enlisted in the Army National Guard as a Black Hawk helicopter mechanic. Mike continued his career in the Air National Guard as a Power Generation Specialist in Civil Engineering where he retired with 20 years of service all the while maintaining his business. Even though retired, Mike continues to provide unparalleled service to all his customers.

Mike Founder of CES Services